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Meet the Core Team

During shoots, the Glass Eye Productions crew increases to include a group of talented individuals who have worked with us for many years. However, if you step in to the Glass Eye studio, you are sure to be greeted by these friendly faces who make up our core team. Trent Noller is an award-winning producer, director, camera operator, and editor.

A Look Into Time-Lapse

  The time-lapse video is a classic video production technique that Glass Eye Productions enjoys utilizing when effective. Time-lapse videos are usually focused on one area for a long period, and time is accelerated to show the footage over time. A lot of work goes into a time-lapse shoot, since the videographer is required to

A Look Into Producing: Pre-Production

There are three stages to every production, which are pre-production, production and post production. In this blog post we will focus on the pre-production phase. Preparing: Preparing for a TV spot, shoot or any other type of major on-location production can be daunting. It is important to focus on every aspect of the production prior to the shoot. The

A Look into Travel: On Location

At Glass Eye Productions, we have been fortunate enough to be sent on production shoots in destinations such as New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and of course, almost every state in the U.S. Along with the excitement a location shoot can bring, there are many aspects to be considered before traveling with a crew and extensive gear. Small